Solar power system design with a backup power generator.

Our client’s request

To power offshore unmanned wellhead platforms located in the Gulf of Thailand, PTTEP has been looking for cost effective solutions where CAPEX and OPEX costs contribute to a viable project solution. The autonomous power systems have extended maintenance intervals, to be extremely reliable, certified for installation in a gas hazardous area, and suitable for installation in a harsh offshore environment.

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Orga’s solution

Orga’s head office in Schiedam, The Netherlands, and regional sales office in Malaysia, carried out a detailed evaluation of options, and provided PTTEP with a project specific solar power system design combined with a backup power generation option. The Orga solar power system design takes into account statistical weather data provided by NASA, and models the performance of the solar arrays (which incorporates Orga’s proprietary high efficiency offshore solar module), controls and battery throughout the year to match them to the power consumption characteristics of the load equipment on the wellhead platform. The system design modelling has been validated over many years and over many previous projects in the region allowing the project engineers to have a high degree of confidence in the availability, reliability and maintenance requirements of the system. The solar power system is capable of powering the load continuously throughout the year, and for many years of platform operation.

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Remco Vonk

General Manager Asia & Pacific at Orga