The Paris Climate Agreement and the IPCC-rapport of 2022, explains how crucial it is to limit the increase of the global temperature. To achieve this, it is important that companies, people, and resourses emit less carbon dioxide (CO2), which is responsible for thickening the atmosphere and contributing to global warming.

At Orga we strongly believe that every company should conduct their business practices in the most sustainable and environmentally friendly ways. This will contribute to a better environment. In 2020 we installed solar panels on the roof of our office on the Strickledeweg in Schiedam. This implementation ensures that 40% of the total energy requirement at this office is supplied with self-generated, carbon neutral, green electricity from our solar panels.

In one important step we mapped out our CO2-footprint from our own operations in Schiedam. To do this in the most transparent and structured way, we have followed the greenhouse gas protocol’s (GHG) guidelines within scope 1 and scope 2 of our business operations.

Carefully we have mapped out our own footprint following de GHG-protocol. This has given us the insights on how we can reduce our CO2 emissions. As a company, we set science-based reduction targets aiming for a 50% reduction in CO2-emissions by 2030. This follows protocols within scope 1 and 2, in line with the Paris Climate Agreement.

To meet this objective, the first energy-reducing options will be implemented in July 2022 at our offices in Schiedam. These will ensure a CO2 reduction of 6% in 2022 compared to Orga’s CO2 emissions in 2021.