Offshore helidecks need to comply with regulatory requirements. For USA waters, the US Coast Guard have written standards to make sure your crew and items fly in a safe environment from location to location.

The US Coast Guard standards in short

Perimeter lights allow the pilot to identify the helideck during approach and should be placed to outline the touchdown area. Floodlights are used to illuminate the centre of the helideck for the pilot. To be informed of the wind speed and directions at all times the US Coast Guard recommends an illuminated windsock. The status light system is normally ON and emits a flashing red light when a helicopter is not expected on the helideck. It will then be switched OFF when a helicopter is expected to land. This is to assist pilots to locate and land on the correct offshore helideck. The status light system will also be activated automatically by the fire and gas alarm, flashing red, whenever an unsafe situation occurs on a platform. This is to indicate to the helicopter traffic that immediate evasive action should be taken.

Checklist: main products needed for compliance:

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