The offshore industry is obliged to comply with a large number of safety standards. The standard for marking offshore structures is the IALA international standard (International Association of Lighthouse Authorities). IALA is monitoring the developments of these structures and will continue to create and update documentation as required to ensure clear and unambiguous marking of waterways for safe navigation, protection of the environment and protection of the structures themselves. Authorities facing problems in this field are invited to bring them to the attention of IALA to obtain advice on current practice.

Orga specialises in Aids to Navigation lighting products and has exactly the solutions you need to comply with the global regulations and recommendations.

What is in the IALA O-139 standard?

The IALA standard proposes a marking scheme that ensures that your platform or other asset is safely marked and clearly visible for passing marine traffic. The Navaid system meets the IALA standard for marking offshore structures, such as the flash pattern, colour and visibility from different distances and angles for the LED marine lights.

The safety regulations in your specific region

The IALA standard is an international recommendation. Countries can use this recommendation as a guideline when developing their own national regulation. This means that the required regulations depend on where your asset is located. We can comply with a large number of local regulations, such as NORMAM 17 (Brazil), OPRED (United Kingdom), Mijnbouwregeling (The Netherlands), Kystverket (Norway), etc.

Checklist: main products needed for compliance:

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