When it comes to your helideck operations you need a robust and reliable LED lighting system to ensure the safety of your personnel and the continuity of your operations, at all times. Orga helideck lighting has the answers to your questions.

To underscore the safety and continuation of your helideck operations, Orga’s helideck lighting system provides effective and reliable visual cues for the pilot at night and during poor visibility. The lighting system, which includes Circle-H, perimeter lights, floodlights, status lights and windsocks, can be used in new-build projects, by engineering partners, major asset operators or in the retrofit market. What’s more, you can rely on it. Our complete helideck lighting package is backed up by Orga’s extensive expertise, experience and service.

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Benefits helideck lighting system

Maximum safety | Orga

Maximum safety

Effective and reliable visual cues for the pilot at night and during poor visibility.

Proven trackrecord | Orga

Track record

45 years experience and over 2,400 platforms provided with Orga’s navaids and helideck lighting systems.

Touch screen controller | Orga

Touch screen controller

Maximum flexibility by making use of the digital central control panel with touchscreen interface.

Installation and maintenance | Orga

Easy installation & maintenance

We approach the service and maintenance design of our systems like a pit-stop. The system is built up in modules and is easy & quick to install.

One stop shop | Orga

One stop shop

A complete solution when it comes to helideck lighting systems.

Regulatory compliant helideck system | Orga

Smart innovative technology with our touch screen controller

The unforgiving environment in which you have to use a helipad lighting system places uncompromising demands on the underlying technology. Orga systems are innovative and smart, and for maximum flexibility they can be seamlessly interfaced with your operations, in whichever way you choose. Furthermore, because they are digitally operated, through a touch screen controller, you can decide how much control you want to exert over them and how detailed that control should be. Moreover, the modularity of the digital system makes it possible to combine parts of it with other Orga solutions.

Regulatory compliance guaranteed

Nowadays helideck operations are stringently regulated by bodies like the UK’s CAA (Civil Aviation Authority). To relieve you of hassle and compliance worries further down the line, Orga is ideally positioned to help you navigate through the mire of regulations that are often mandated by regulatory bodies. As the end-user you benefit, by having practical, efficient and fully compliant products.

Tailored to your wishes

With Orga, your operational needs are underscored by 40 years’ of global industry experience, in-house R&D, state-of-the-art solutions and our extensive regulatory knowhow. Consequently, not only will your requirements be fully met by our bespoke helipad lighting package, so too will those of regulatory bodies. In whichever branch of the industry you are in, and wherever you are in the world, Orga has your needs covered.

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