When building and maintaining a windfarm, a number of stakeholders have to be managed and many safety standards have to be met. There are safety standards to be met on ‘air traffic safety’. Often these standards mandate the use of Aviation Obstruction Lighting systems to visually mark tall structures, such as windfarms/parks. The specific lighting system needed to comply with regulations depends on which country you operate in.

Orga specialises in Aviation Obstruction Lighting and offers user-friendly solutions that are designed to have low OP-EX and CAP-EX.

We know the safety regulations in your specific region

At Orga we are experts with respect to the safe marking of aviation obstructions. We know worldwide regulations like the back of our hand. With our knowledge and experience we have developed an array of products and solutions that help certify your project/assets anywhere in the world, in an effective and cost-efficient way.

Orga can help you comply with many worldwide regulations such as ICAO & FAA, or other national standards.

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