Troubleshooting offshore equipment is always difficult, but is a necessary requirement that arises from time to time in the harsh offshore environment.

In the design of our helideck lighting equipment we set out to make these challenges as manageable and as easy as possible. Our products and systems are designed with user friendliness in mind. When you need to perform troubleshooting activities, you will find that the modular design of the Orga products means accessing specific equipment and parts is as simple as possible and will make replacing them quick and easy.

Thanks to the modular design and user friendliness of our products, a lot of maintenance and troubleshooting tasks can be performed by your own crew. This significantly reduces costs, hassle and downtime. In case you do need help, our experienced service team is always ready to step in and lend a hand.

Troubleshooting assistance

Should you require assistance our dedicated team can provide support with troubleshooting. Our accredited service engineers can assist with quick and effective troubleshooting of our equipment and systems.


If you would like to return parts or products, you can start the procedure by sending us a completed RMA form.

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