Orga’s high, low and medium intensity obstruction light solutions are used all over the world to make high-rise structures like towers, skyscrapers, bridges and offshore structures, more visible to passing aircraft. Our L550 product series provides a selection of medium intensity obstruction lights to mark structures – such as wind turbines – that might present a hazard to aviation. Depending on specific requirements, these aviation warning lights offer options that include steady or flashing red or white light or infra-red light, during day-time and night-time modes. The design of the L550 series offers the benefits of advanced LED, optical and system-control technology that will help you meet the most demanding applications in the harshest of environments.


Medium intensity obstruction lights

Medium intensity obstruction light

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Medium intensity obstruction lights

Medium intensity obstruction light

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Specialist for obstruction lighting

Rico van Gulden

Regional Sales Manager

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Why do you need medium intensity obstruction lights?

Orga’s medium intensity aviation obstruction lights are designed to meet the most demanding onshore and offshore applications and situations worldwide. Operational safety underpins the onshore and offshore industries and the licences you must have to operate in them. To maintain these licences, you need an up-to-date obstruction light system that meets your operational needs and complies with the most stringent of national and international regulations.

We also work closely with international regulators and civil and military aviation authorities to design and develop our obstruction light systems. Because our customers operate in many different countries all over the world, we are familiar with the latest international and national regulations and safety standards. At Orga we don’t just help you meet these challenges, we can help you stay ahead of them.

Why choose Orga’s medium intensity obstruction lights?

Over 40 years of experience, coupled with our own in-house research & development department and manufacturing facilities, make us a strong and reliable partner. But never a complacent one; we work closely with our customers to continuously improve and expand our product offering. The advantages of our medium intensity obstruction lights speak for themselves. To name but a few of these advantages, they are lightweight, easy to install, have extremely low wind resistance, an optical design that produces a highly accurate and uniform narrow beam, and they require zero maintenance over their service life. Moreover, power consumption is extremely low and, thanks to an integrated design with built-in photocell and monitoring, no additional power supply enclosures are required. Add a five-year warranty to all these advantages and the choice of Orga medium intensity aviation warning lights becomes an obvious one.