Innovation begins with understanding our customers and their challenges. Our in-house research and development team (R&D) works in close co-operation with our marketing and business development team and other stakeholders.

Together they translate regulations and customer requirements into new concepts, new features and cost-effective products.

The right technology for each solution

The R&D team’s expertise encompasses a wide variety of technological fields, with specialists in optics, electronics, mechanical designs and embedded software.

They are engaged in working on state-of-the art solutions for challenging light distribution, power and control circuits, electromagnetic compatibility, lightning protection, explosion-proof and robust enclosures, product monitoring and complete system integration.

Orga products and systems, state-of-the art and based on local or worldwide safety or quality standards, therefore offer users high reliability with the lowest ownership costs.

We continue to build on our track record of providing the right technology in our product portfolio. Site surveys, maintenance, training programmes and sophisticated remote product health monitoring are all part of the services we offer.

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