Every country can develop its own national regulations. For example, the waters of the United States and its territories are marked with regulations in line with the US Coast Guard. These national regulations help determine the location, make it possible to move from one place to another and reduce marine accidents.

Orga specialises in Aids to Navigation lighting products and has exactly the solutions you need to comply with these national regulations.

What is in the US Coast Guard 33 C.F.R. Part 67 standard?

The US Coast Guard standard employs an arrangement of colours, shapes, numbers and light characteristics to ensure that your platform of vessel is safely marked and is clearly visible for passing marine traffic. Because Orga has a close relationship with the regulators, we can quickly adapt our system to different local regulations, such as NORMAM 17 (Brazil), OPRED (United Kingdom), Mijnbouwregeling (The Netherlands), Kystverket (Norway), etc.

The safety regulations in your specific region

The required regulations depend on where your asset is located. The US Coast Guard standard is a national regulation, which means it is applicable and mandatory in the waters of the United States and its territories.

Checklist: main products needed for compliance:

Overview of our Aids to Navigation products
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