Orga has been operating on offshore helidecks for over 40 years. We’ve encountered many structures and deck types and have developed solutions and methods for almost all situations.

When you are dealing with a specific issue, our service engineers can perform a ‘site survey’ on location. This allows us to understand your specific helideck design. By looking at the problem together, combining the customers’ knowledge and our extensive experience and know-how, we can tackle almost any challenge.

To date we have installed over 200 Circle-H systems successfully on a range of deck designs. In many of the site surveys we have performed, we have found some common/frequently seen challenges. We have adapted our system to meet these challenges without any problems.

Possible challenges

  • Helideck materials – steel and aluminium
  • Helideck design obstacles – DIFFs, tie-down points and hatches
  • Control panel location and power supply routing
  • Operational deck logistics
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