Our marine lanterns are designed to show the presence of your offshore structures and vessels at night and during poor visibility conditions. They are part of a broader navigational aids system and, they can be LED main & secondary marine lanterns, subsidiary lanterns or main lanterns, depending on local regulations. To underpin your operational safety and efficiency, Orga marine lanterns provide excellent 360-degree omnidirectional visual coverage up to a maximum of 15 nautical miles. Automatic activation and monitoring possibilities, combined with redundancies and low maintenance, make Orga the leading supplier of visual aids to navigation systems.


Marine lanterns

Explosion proof LED main marine light (15NM)


Marine lanterns

Explosion proof LED subsidiary marine light (3NM)


Marine lanterns

Explosion proof LED marine light (200cd)


Marine lanterns

Explosion proof LED marine light (10Nm)


Marine lanterns

Explosion proof LED main & secondary marine light (15 & 10NM)


Marine lanterns

Explosion proof stand alone marine lantern (10Nm)

Why do you need marine lanterns?

Nowadays, marine navigation aids must make offshore structures and vessels clearly visible at all times and in all environmental conditions; it is mandated in the regulations of many national governments. With operational safety being the cornerstone of the offshore and aviation industries and these regulations becoming increasingly stringent, full compliance is the key to the safety, efficiency and integrity of your operations, not to mention the retention of your operational licenses. To help you meet these requirements and show the way ahead, our marine lanterns mark a structure at night by ensuring that at least one light is always visible from any direction. Main and secondary lanterns provide white-light omnidirectional visual coverage for 15 nautical miles during mains supply operation and for 10 nautical miles when powered from an independent power source. Subsidiary marine lanterns flash red light intermittently at night and when metrological visibility is less than two nautical miles. All our marine lanterns transmit ‘U’ in Morse code every 15 seconds, controlled by the Orga Navaids Central Control Panel (NCCP). As the new-generation guardians of the industry you’ll be looking for a low-maintenance, easy-installation marine lighting solution. In Orga marine lanterns you’ve found it.

Why Orga’s marine lanterns?

High reliability and low cost of ownership make Orga marine lanterns your safest and most cost-effective option for meeting the uncompromising demands placed on marine lighting systems. Because they are specially coated for offshore use and resistant to corrosion, seawater and UV radiation, our marine lanterns can optimally cope with the unforgiving environment in which they are used. Orga marine lantern lights can be used in zones 1 and 2 gas explosion areas, and to underscore our contention that Orga is the way ahead, they are fully compatible with the NCCP concept and compliant with a range of European and US regulations.