Where a helideck status light such as the L425EX-700 tells a helicopter pilot not to land during (gas) hazardous situations, Orga’s L430 HMS Repeater Light System has been designed to allow a pilot the condition of the helideck and if it is safe to land, depending on the motion (pitch and roll) and the windspeed and direction. The light communicates this to the pilots by showing one of three possible colours (Blue, Amber and Red) in flashing or steady burning/fixed mode; all combined in one fixture. Before the helicopter lands the repeater lights burn in steady mode, and after landing the lights switch to a flashing pattern.


HMS Repeater lighting system

Helideck Monitoring System Repeater Light

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Why do you need an HMS repeater lighting system?

A Helideck Monitoring System (HMS) has two functions. Firstly, during helicopter approach it is used to analyse helideck motion to make sure that the helideck is steady and safe to land. Secondly, it monitors the wind speed and direction, air temperature and barometric pressure to ensure that the helicopter will be stable and safe when parked on the helideck.
Based on this information it will use the HMS Repeater Light to communicate this visually to the pilot via the Blue, Amber and Red light signals. The UK CAA have incorporated these new requirements for the HMS, including the repeater lights, in the version 8 of CAP437 to increase the safety of helicopter landings on movable Helicopter landing areas.

Why choose Orga’s HMS repeater light?

Every Orga HMS repeater light has two cable entries for incoming cables, one for the communication cable and one for the power cable. Upon request, Orga can provide a combined cable. The cables between the repeater lights are looped to save installation time and costs.
Control and monitoring of the repeater lights can be performed from any HMS via hardwired connections, as described in the regulatory specification, or via Orga’s preferred option of a serial connection using Modbus. Depending on the location of the repeater lights and the control panel, we can provide a practical solution to power the HMS repeater lights directly from the main power source or the control panel.
Orga’s HMS repeater light system can integrate with all current Helideck Monitoring Systems and will mimic the operational status shown on the HMS display.