Offshore helidecks are essential to offshore safety and are important in getting crews to site in a fast and efficient way.

To make sure the helideck on an FPSO functions as safely and efficiently as possible, a helideck lighting system is needed. The specifics of the system you require are often laid out in standards/regulations that vary between countries and regions (read more about helideck regulations).

An FPSO vessel operates in different parts of the world and has to comply with the requirements of the current location. Orga has several solutions to meet this need, tackling the problem once and for all, or building the helideck system up in stages.

Experts on worldwide regulations

Orga is the trusted expert in the industry and can supply a complete helideck solution that complies with regulations in any region. Our systems ensure a safe situation in all circumstances, allowing daily operations to run smoothly. Our systems can be installed quickly, with minimal downtime. The systems are robust and perfect for the harsh offshore environment they operate in. Our modular design allows for quick maintenance if necessary.

On spec, on budget and in time

We have served many customers, amongst them many major players in the offshore industry. We know you work with specifications, budgets and tight schedules and have learned to balance safety, speed, regulatory compliance, customer specifications and cost efficiency to get you the best end result.

We know worldwide regulations

When dealing with remote power solutions in remote areas, whether safe or hazardous, regulations are always part of the equation. Complying with these regulations can be complex and time-consuming, especially because regulations vary between countries and regions. We have in-depth knowledge of worldwide regulations and can ensure cost-effective compliance with all relevant regulations.

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