To make sure that your crew arrives at your offshore platform as fast, efficiently and as safely as possible, the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) have written standards for offshore helidecks. Since these standards, Annex 14, are international they already have been adopted by many countries in the world and can also be applied in your specific region or country. (If there aren’t any national regulations already)

The ICAO standards in short

The Annex 14 standards consist of perimeter lights, floodlights, an illuminated windsock and a status light system. The perimeter lights should be placed in a way that they outline the helideck. The floodlights are located in the same area, but they provide surface illumination across the helideck landing area. The illuminated windsock makes sure that all helicopter traffic is aware of the wind speed and direction during all weather conditions. The status light system informs a pilot if they should land or not, during hazardous conditions, since it is activated by a signal from the fire & gas alarm system.

Checklist: main products needed for compliance:

Overview of our helideck lighting products
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