To meet your requirements when it comes to the automatic control of your offshore visual and audio systems, Orga offers two types of visibility meters. The first of these, the SWS200-N-AC is a weather sensor and visibility meter suitable for use in the wind industry, while the second, the VDX05EX is an explosion proof visibility meter/fog detector. Both products are engineered to activate integrated systems that automatically control our marking systems and others. And, as you’d expect of Orga, both have been designed and built to withstand the brutality of the environment they are placed in and in which we know from experience you have to contend with.


Visibility meter

Weather sensor / visibility meter

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Why do you need a visibility meter?

The Orga SWS200 weather sensor and visibility meter is fully integrated to work with the Orga Aviation Obstruction Light System, which adjusts the intensity of obstruction lights in line with prevailing visibility conditions. This makes it ideally suited for offshore use on wind farms. The meter’s sensor measures visibility through fog, haze, smoke, sand and all forms of precipitation and generates instantaneous averaged visibility outputs. Furthermore, to give you maximum flexibility, several wind turbines can be controlled using data sent from a single SWS200-N-AC visibility sensor.

The functionalities and explosion-proof characteristic of the VDX05EX make it ideally suited for use in offshore installations such as gas and oil rigs. It is used in combination with the Navaid Central Control Panel (NCCP). By gauging visibility it can be used to automatically activate foghorns according to predefined weather conditions.

Why choose Orga’s visibility meters?

By applying our extensive experience to your operational challenges, our visibility meters offer a number of qualities and characteristics that will help you realise your objectives. These qualities include a high level of reliability, low cost of ownership and power consumption, compactness and ease of installation and access. A USP of the SWS200-N-AC, for example, is that it offers three levels of visibility ranges to control light intensity. These cover a selectable visibility range of 10 m to 75 km. The VDX05EX, meanwhile, facilitates the automatic control of lanterns and foghorns through the NCCP. It is contained in a robust stainless steel construction and boasts the self-monitoring of its basic functions as a standard feature.