Our client’s request

Marathon Oil UK preferred a single-lift containerised solution for this decommissioning project, providing maximum flexibility with minimal offshore work scope.

They highlighted the need for an easy installation with the ability to reposition the container around the platform as and when required. By this it would suit the needs of the module removal program which is planned for a future date using a heavy lift vessel.

Since the platform would be subject to a global power isolation during the summer of 2019, the solution had to be based on a renewable energy package, with a robust power profile to support the load over an extended duration. It also had to endure the harsh North Sea environment and continue to function through the short daylight hours at the given location during winter months.

The self-supporting system, i.e. independent of any external power supply, features a high integrity photovoltaic array and robust, harsh environment wind turbines.

An additional requirement was to include remote monitoring of a number of essential status and alarm signals to ensure continuing compliance of the obstruction marking obligations. The monitoring system had to be digitally accessible via a secure portal from everywhere in the world.

The challenge

The main challenge was to combine the control and monitoring system with the hybrid renewable power system into a single-lift, containerised design, a pilot project for Orga. It utilised many of Orga’s core engineering strengths, and reflects our continuous mission of providing smart, engineered solutions.

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Project information


1280px-Marathon_Oil_logo.svgMarathon Oil UK


North Sea, UK

Orga’s solution

Our single-lift DNV-certified container is engineered for offshore use and houses the Navaids Central Control and Power Distribution Panels, plus the main battery bank. The small footprint design of a standard 10ft sea going container provides the optimal use of space, durability and a long design life. The containerised solution can easily be relocated, either onboard the platform, or even another asset for maximum utilisation.

The solar panels and wind turbines are integral to the design of the container, thus minimising installation time and reducing platform space. The infrastructure of the renewable power sources is of the highest integrity, providing high system reliability, high availability and at the same time requiring very low maintenance.

Under manned or intervention conditions our proprietary control logic and touchscreen interface will allow the platform operator to select pre-programmed system configurations. This feature will allow the operator to disconnect any of the lanterns without triggering false alarms.

The remote system monitoring is achieved by means of an Iridium Satellite communication system, allowing the user to monitor the state of the system from any location at any time with devices such as PC, tablet or smartphone.

With our years of experience in designing Power and Aids to Navigation systems for a wide range of clients around the world, this containerised solution certainly eases the complex decommissioning process of an offshore platform.

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Armando Marchena

Technical Engineer at Orga BV