To prevent sudden system failures, Orga provides maintenance as a service. On a regular basis, one of our Service Engineers will check your system thoroughly. This way, the risk of failure will be minimal, and this therefore also reduces  maintenance costs. On each visit, our Service Engineer will fill in a service report which indicates the status of the system. In this way, any defects that are identified can be resolved quickly. This can result in a follow-up visit or an in-house or on-location repair job.

The main goal of our services is to provide overall safety and minimise the risk of sudden failures. This provides you with reassurance and, in the long term, peace of mind.

Other services

Orga provides various services to keep your system up-to-date and your cost of maintenance low. The main goal of our services is to provide safety and compliance with regulatory requirements. We trust that, with our expertise, we can provide you with confidence and peace of mind.

Other services for Aids to Navigation:


If you would like to return parts of products, you can start the procedure by sending us a filled-out RMA form.

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