Safety is the key when we are talking about offshore helidecks. To get your crew and items efficiently and safely to site you will need to comply with local regulations. For Brazilian waters, your helideck should be in line with NORMAM-27.

The NORMAM-27 standard in short

NORMAM-27 prescribes perimeter lights to outline the helideck and floodlights to light the centre of the deck. An illuminated windsock should be in place to inform helicopter traffic of the wind direction and speed at all times. The status light system prescribed in the regulations will be activated automatically by and alarm in either the fire and gas alarm system, or the HMS (Helideck Monitoring System). The status light will emit a flashing red light and will signal to helicopter traffic that immediate evasive action should be taken.

Checklist: main products needed for compliance:

Overview of our helideck lighting products
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