Once offshore platforms stop producing oil and gas, it is not the end of their life-cycle. They become part of the decommissioning industry. Decommissioning is the process of ending offshore oil and gas operations at an offshore platform and returning the ocean and seafloor to its previous condition. Over the coming decades, the decommissioning of oil and gas installations will increase, since a lot of production facilities are nearing the end of their economic life. The complete process, is very complex and involves many steps, taking years to complete. Therefore it is necessary to mark these abandoned platforms, throughout all stages of the decommissioning process, for the safety of passing marine traffic.

Solarised Navaid skids

Orga provides efficient and effective marking that meets the IALA requirements and is compliant with regional regulatory requirements. Our solarised Aids to Navigation skids are lightweight and compact due to the optimised design. The LED energy-efficient marine lanterns are completely solarised and available for safe and hazardous areas. Each skid will be validated by using a verified solar and battery load calculation to provide you with confidence once you leave the platform. For peace of mind, the secure in-house remote monitoring package allows you to monitor the abandoned or unmanned platform for status and failure from any location. This underlines our commitment to low maintenance, reliability and minimal intervention.

Factors taken into account

Whether it is a full decommissioning or long-term abandonment project, each project requires an in-depth understanding. Therefore Orga takes into consideration a number of factors affecting project dynamics:

  • Duration of deployment
  • Geographic location
  • Access
  • Regulations (IALA & The Standard Marking Schedule)
  • Operational standards

With over 40 years of experience, Orga will provide the right advice and guidance during this process and will make sure every option is taken in consideration, resulting in a reliable, power and cost effective solution, tailored to your decommissioning project or temporary system.

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Decommissioning | Orga
Decommissioning | Orga