Orga has been working actively in the offshore industry for over 45 years. We know the challenges you face and integrate our activities around your specifications and client schedule.

Support throughout the process

Our dedicated team provides support throughout the process, from bid stage to aftersales, and from delivery to commissioning and maintenance.

On-site assistance

When you need extra support during pre-commissioning or commissioning, our service team can provide on-site assistance to meet your requirements. All of our service engineers are trained and experienced and have full accreditation.

Maintenance support

Orga can also help with maintenance of your system. We are very experienced in performing system health checks, functional inspections, battery checks and all other technical inspections.

Orga as your reliable partner

To make sure we can give you maximum support throughout the verification of the order, we fulfil many aspects of your order in-house.

The Orga project management team directly communicates with all relevant departments, from research and development, engineering and project management to manufacturing, quality control and on-site services. Orga can offer full support to your construction yard during fabrication and installation of projects, with expert engineering services throughout the order process.

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