Marking your windfarm, chimney, or other obstruction for passing air traffic is very important in maintaining a safe situation. Keeping your Aviation Obstruction Lighting system up and running also makes sure you stay compliant with the safety regulations in your country.

After years of service, some Aviation Obstruction Lighting systems might be ready for an upgrade. And while upgrading your system may require some time and effort, it can save you time and money in the coming years.

Upgrade your system to: LED technology and easy monitoring

AOL systems have evolved in the past years and our new systems can save you a lot of time, money and hassle. The integration of LED lighting into the Aviation Obstruction Lighting system is maintenance-free. Due to other new technologies, Aviation Obstruction Lighting systems can nowadays also be controlled remotely. This means you can bring down the CAP-EX and OP-EX.

Use our advice to efficiently update your AOL system

There is also the possibility that some things will have changed in the regulations you need to follow. Standards and regulations evolve with new insights and technologies. As always, we have done our homework and can tell you exactly what you need in order to comply efficiently, now and in the future.

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