A reliable and safe power supply is critical in order to run continuous operations in remote locations. In addition, a lot of regulations have to be met. All this is especially challenging when operating in hazardous areas.

Offshore know-how that helps you face any power challenge

Orga has been supplying power solutions to the offshore industry for over 45 years. We have gained specific know-how and a product portfolio with solutions for every situation. Our experienced staff can help you determine what you need to power your offshore operations as reliably and efficiently as possible.

On spec, on budget and in time

We have served many customers, amongst them many major players in the offshore industry. We know you work with specifications, budgets and tight schedules and have learned to balance safety, speed, regulatory compliance, customer specifications and cost efficiency to get you the best end result.

We know worldwide regulations

When dealing with power solutions in offshore areas, whether safe or hazardous, regulations are always part of the equation. Complying with these regulations can be complex and time-consuming, especially because regulations vary between countries and regions. We have in-depth knowledge of worldwide regulations and can ensure cost-effective compliance with all relevant regulations.

One-stop shop

Orga is the one-stop shop for power solutions. We can supply a range of products to power your critical systems on offshore locations, from control panels to battery packs and solar power systems. As you may know, Orga can also supply Aids to Navigation systems and Helideck Lighting systems.

Lower CO2 emissions

In our power solutions we make use of renewable power and backup power, to ensure low costs and CO2 emissions reduction.

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