Orga is proud of its history. The company was founded in 1973 as an electrical service and maintenance company for oil and gas platforms in the North Sea. Its main activities were the inspection and servicing of installed marine lanterns, foghorns, obstructions lights, DC power systems and ex-proof electrical equipment. As time went by, the company started to develop ideas and manufacture its own brand of innovative products to improve the reliability of these systems. In doing so, it helped to enhance safety and reduce operating expenses.

History Orga’s founder | Orga

Birth of Orga’s founder

Founder and owner of Orga BV, Rob van Beest, is  born in Amsterdam. Today, Rob is still actively involved in the Orga businesses.

History Foundation of Orga Service | Orga

Foundation of Orga Service

Starting out as an electrical service and maintenance company for offshore oil and gas assets, Orga wins its first service assignments

History First Aids to Navigaion system | Orga

First Aids to Navigation system

Orga designs its first offshore Aids to Navigation system for Dutch sector platforms L10A, K9A and K10B.

History Strickledeweg office | Orga

Establishment of Orga BV

After 10 years of successful development and innovation, Orga Service becomes Orga BV and moves to its current address at Strickledeweg 13, Schiedam, The Netherlands.  The building has changed a lot since then, and is now 5 times bigger.

History Orga Kuala Lumpur | Orga

Opening of international sales offices

With customers all over the world, Orga opens sales offices in Lowestoft UK, and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

History First Offshore Helideck Lights | Orga

First Offshore Helideck Lights

Orga delivers its first helideck marking lights for offshore helidecks

History First Aviation Obstruction Lights | Orga

Delivery of first Obstruction Lights for Aviation market

Having successfully built a business supplying offshore Aids to Navigation and helideck safety obstruction marking systems around the world for 20 years, Orga supplies its first significant number of medium intensity aviation safety obstruction light marking systems

History Orga Aviation BV | Orga

Orga Aviation BV Established

With the future of the aviation obstruction light market in mind, Orga establishes Orga Aviation BV, and introduces high intensity obstruction lights

History Aviation transition to LED | Orga

Transition to LED lighting

Having successfully sold more than 5,000 xenon strobe aviation obstruction lights in less than 5 years, Orga introduces its first LED medium-intensity aviation obstruction light, selling more than 1,000 in the first year

History Navaids transition to LED | Orga

LED Aids to Navigation Lights

Orga introduces LED lights for offshore Aids to Navigation systems, with power savings of up to a 95% and 25 times the service life

History Digital controllers | Orga

Digital Controllers for Aids to Navigation Systems

Orga introduces new Aids to Navigation digital control systems.

History Expansion of facilities | Orga

Expansion of facilities

Orga adds further buildings to accommodate its growing production and R&D facilities

History Intro Circle-H | Orga

Introduction of CAP437 Illuminated TD/PM Circle-H system

After several years of development and real-life testing, Orga installs the first CAP437 TD/PM Circle-H system

History Wall of Orga lights | Orga

The Great Wall of China in Orga lights

If you put all of Orga’s supplied medium and high intensity lights end to end, they would cover a distance of over 22,000 km, longer than the Great Wall of China

History Circle-H milestone | Orga

TD/PM Circle H milestone

A total of more than 300 TD/PM Circle H systems delivered, helping to achieve more than 150,000 safe offshore helicopter landings and ensuring that more than 1 million people arrive safely at work

Logo | Orga

New corporate identity and logo

After 45 years, Orga revitalises its corporate identity, together with a brand new logo.

orga signal image

Orga Signal BV continues production of Tidelands product portfolio

After Tideland Signal ceased operations in 2020, Orga Signal BV acquired their product design rights. In April 2021 Orga Signal BV continued the production of Tidelands product portfolio.