Applying the latest technology to Smart and simple navaids and helideck lighting products

Navigational aids systems Designed to operate in the harshest environments world wide

CAP437 certified TD/PM system: Clear visibility to pilots in all weather conditions


With more than 40 years of experience working within the highly regulated offshore oil and gas industry, Orga Offshore has gained a global reputation for designing and manufacturing safe, reliable and cost-effective signalling products certified for hazardous areas.

We understand the specific needs of the offshore oil and gas industry. Equipment must meet stringent regulations, withstand demanding operating conditions and perform reliably and efficiently at all times. Safety is a vital concern and unplanned downtime is expensive.

At Orga Offshore, we understand the challenges you face. By working closely with you, our world leading marine navigation aids and helideck lighting solutions are tailored to meet your specific requirements, no matter where you are located in the world.

Our products are certified to meet international and national standards. We work with regulatory bodies, designing and making prototypes for evaluation testing and trials in the development of new standards and specifications. Working with the UK Civil Aviation Authority, we were the first company in the world to install the new TD/PM Circle-H lighting system – the new industry standard for offshore helideck lighting.

Our customised solutions for the offshore oil and gas industry include marine lanterns, foghorns, visibility meters, radar response beacons, helideck lighting and guidance systems, remote health monitoring systems and solar power supply systems.

Aids to navigation

Orga Offshore has more than 40 years' experience protecting offshore oil and gas installations. Widely used around the world, Orga's platform marking and warning systems have a history of long life and reliable service in some of the harshest offshore environments. With increasing demands from the offshore oil and gas industries for the latest technology, improved safety and reduced total cost of ownership, Orga's continuing drive for innovation has developed the very latest in cutting-edge marine aids to navigation systems.

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The CAP437 guidance of the UK CAA indicates the changes of the helideck lighting systems, including helideck status light systems, touchdown / positioning marking circle and heliport identification marking. These changes might or will have an impact on your current perimeter lights, floodlights and helideck status light. Orga can supply a system in full compliance with the new CAP437 requirements.

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New brand identity | Orga

The way ahead with a fresh look

We are proud of our heritage of 45 years as trusted partner in solutions for marking assets and landing areas to ensure safe operations. Now it was time to reflect our ongoing strive for innovation and vibrant relationships in a brand new identity. We want our brand to reflect our values and capabilities in protecting people, assets and the environment. You will notice new and refreshed identity elements like our logo and brighter colours. The yellow reflects a linkage to signaling and safety marking. We kept our lower case Orga letters referring to our heritage and DNA.

New website

The new brand identity will be introduced over the coming period. An important step will be a new website which will be launched soon. The new site will be more inspiring and user-friendly in demonstrating Orga’s solutions and proven track record. Stay tuned!

The way ahead