Helidecks illuminated with a Circle-H lighting system greatly contributed to safe landings on offshore assets. As you can imagine, helidecks mounted on a floating unit such as a Vessel, Floating Production Unit, Semi-Submersible Rig or floating Jack Up Rig provide their own unique challenges as helicopter pilots must land on a moving platform, often in rough weather conditions. Recent updates to the CAP437 standards require the installation of HMS repeater lights on each corner of the helideck from the 1st of April 2021. These lights will enhance the Helideck Monitoring System (HMS). Pilots will get an indication similar to a traffic sign on whether it is safe to land or not. To comply with these standards, Orga developed the L430 HMS Repeater Light.

Improving safety with CAP437 HMS Repeater Lights | Orga

The L430 HMS Repeater Light provides direct visual information from the helideck to the helicopter flight crew about the motion status of the helideck during landing and potential unsafe wind conditions after landing. Due to its significantly low profile (<150mm), it is compliant with the CAP437 height restrictions and allows direct mounting on a helideck.

L430 HMS Repeater Light | Orga

As seen in the video below, the L430 HMS Repeater Light communicates one of three possible colours (Blue, Amber and Red). These colours are all combined in one fixture, together with the required flashing mode or steady burning/fixed mode. Before landing, the lights will burn in steady mode to indicate the motion status on the helideck. After the helicopter has landed, the lights will switch to flashing mode to indicate the wind conditions . At night or twilight, the integrated photocell automatically controls the required dimming.

The UK CAA introduced the latest update of CAP437 for several reasons, however the overall purpose is to improve the safety of helicopter landings and the corresponding crew.
One of the most important is the addition of providing helicopter pilots with a direct means of establishing the motion status of the helideck as presented on the HMS display, and to support the new on-deck relative wind monitoring function. Orga’s L430 HMS Repeater Light is specifically designed to be seamlessly integrated into any HMS supplier system. This means that the repeater lights will show the same operational status as the HMS system displays. Visit this page for more information about the HMS Repeater Light System.

HMS Repeater Lights mendatory for all moving vessels operation in European waters | Orga