Orga Strobeline™ cable for Orga obstruction light systems combines power and control wires into a single protected cable for easy system configuration and installation.

Key features

  • Orga Strobeline™ cable wiring system combines power and control (fieldbus) and alarm wires into a single protected cable

Electrical characteristics

  • System voltage: 110-230Vac
  • Impedance fieldbus wires: 105 Ω


System design, control and monitoring

  • Orga Strobeline™ cable for use with Orga aeronautical obstruction light systems for optimum system design.

Physical characteristics

  • Outer diameter: see table
  • Weight: see table
  • Operating temperature range: -55°C to +80°C
  • Installation temperature range: -30°C to +70°C
  • Halogen free materials
  • Power conductor: 2 cores +PE; 3.18 mm2/AWG12
  • Fieldbus: Conductor: 0.60 mm2/AWG20; separately shielded
  • Alarm wires 0.5 mm2
  • Outer shield braided
  • Outer jacket bending radius = 8x diameter