Controller for use with Orga obstruction light systems for offshore windfarm applications. The CIP400 provides full system operation management, advanced control facilities, status information, and system diagnostics through an Ethernet port.

Orga Aviation – Datasheet Drawing – CIP400-xxx – JJ – r03-01
Orga Aviation – Datasheet Drawing – CIP400-xxx – JJ – r03-02
Orga Aviation – Datasheet Drawing – CIP400-xxx – JJ – r03-03

Key features

  • Controller for systems with Orga aeronautical obstruction lights, Helihoist lights, Search and Rescue, ID lights & Visibility sensors
  • System status monitoring and alarm interface
  • Manual Control override of connected lights
  • Control options: Modbus, Webserver over TCP/IP & hard wired I/O
  • Simple cable connection for easy installation
  • Supplied with EMC cable glands / blind plugs
  • Additional Overvoltage protection
  • Two year warranty
  • No maintenance required over service life

Performance characteristics

  • Controls up to ninety Orga aeronautical obstruction lights
  • Ethernet interface for remote system monitoring and control
  • Ethernet connection CAT6 with RJ45 connection compatible with standard IEEE 802.3u
  • Overall system fail contact
  • I/O interface for control using 24Vdc input signals Optional main–standby light configuration available (unless specified otherwise in the table)

Standards / certification

  • ICAO Annex 14, volume l; International standards and recommended practices: Aerodrome design and operations, 6th Edition, July 2013, chapter 6 (for systems incl. CIP400 controllers and obstruction lights)
  • United States Federal Aviation Administration AC 70/7460-1K; Obstruction Marking and Lighting, February 2007(for systems incl. CIP400 controllers and obstruction lights)
  • Various national approvals (for systems incl. CIP400 controllers and obstruction lights)

Electrical characteristics

  • Operating voltage: See table
  • Power consumption: See table
  • Overvoltage protection: Class III according to IEC61643-1

Physical characteristics

  • Dimensions: see drawing
  • Weight: 12 kg
  • Design degree of protection: IP65
  • Operating temperature range:
    -40° C to +55° C
  • AlSi12 alloy painted enclosure
  • Shipping information:
    700x450x200; 14 kg

System design, control and monitoring

  • The CIP400 can use the GPS synchroniser of a connected medium or high intensity obstruction light as the system synchroniser