At the beginning of September the Civil Aviation Authority (UK CAA) published a report with the results of offshore helideck test sites equipped with the new touchdown and positioning system.

Also thanks to the improved visibility of the circle and the H and with it the safety on the helideck site of the Centrica platform, in February this year the CAA announced that it would be making the Circle-H mandatory on all offshore helideck sites in British territorial waters as from 2018. The report, CAP 1077, shows above all how, on the basis of the test results, the UK CAA came to its decision. Daniel Powell, Product Group Manager at Orga, looks back with satisfaction on the collaboration with the UK CAA. ‘The helideck test site that was set up is on a platform where already more than 3,500 helicopter flights have been carried out in all weather conditions. The feedback from, among others, the helicopter pilots was also particularly valuable.’

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