Offshore oil and gas workers around the world face some of the most dangerous conditions of any profession. The harsh open sea environment can be extremely demanding, particularly during aviation and marine manoeuvres, and to achieve safe operations in all conditions can be highly challenging.

It is with these issues in mind that Orga Offshore (Orga) will be at OTC this year showcasing its innovative signalling technology to improve safety of life at sea and enhance operational efficiency.

Circle-H technology for helidecks
For safer offshore helicopter operations, Orga has developed the new touchdown/positioning marking and heliport identification marking (TD/PM) Circle-H LED lighting system – in collaboration with the UK Civil Aviation Authority (UKCAA).

After almost a decade of development and trialling to determine the correct modular configuration, colour, intensity, robustness and reliability of the LED lights, Circle-H is now in production and has been installed on oil and gas platforms around the world  – from the Gulf of Mexico through to the North Sea, Asia Pacific and the Middle East.

Replacing the use of floodlights, which caused glare and the so-called ‘black hole’ effect leading to loss of the pilot’s vision, the new Circle-H LED technology has proved to radically improve visual cueing for pilots during landing approaches in all weather conditions.

Now incorporated in the UKCAA’s internationally-acknowledged guidance for offshore helicopter landing areas – CAP 437, 7th Edition, Amendment 01/2013 – duty holders have until 31 March 2018 to retrofit the new lighting system on UK North Sea offshore platforms. Helidecks not fitted with the new Circle-H lighting system after this date will be considered unsuitable for night and low visibility operations.

In addition to Circle-H, Orga has added the newly launched technologically-advanced illuminated windsock with integrated aviation obstruction light (AOL) option and the new touchscreen digital navaid central control panel (DNCCP) to its helideck LED lighting system.

The digital advantage
As the oil and gas industry moves to a digital world, Orga is evolving its digital offerings to help customers move to the next level of operational excellence.

The digital control panel sits at the heart of Orga’s helideck lighting and marine navaids systems. Its smart modular design offers more versatility than an analogue controller and allows for easy set-up and very low maintenance.

Modules can be easily added, as and when required, to operate and control all Orga beaconing equipment – Circle-H, perimeter lights, floodlight, status light, illuminated windsock, LED marine lanterns, foghorns, visibility meters and racon beacons – using ‘OrTalk’, Orga’s secure proprietary communication protocol. To change functions the DNCCP software can be simply modified or rewritten.

The input/output module enables communication with the customer’s platform control system in both classic mode with hard-wired contacts and digital mode (RS485 Modbus, Ethernet TCP/IP Modbus and Ethernet TCP/IP http webserver).

The DNCCP can be supplied in an industrial safe area cabinet or in an ATEX/IEC Ex-certified panel, bringing enhanced functionality to any hazardous and isolated location by providing full alarm, history and remote status monitoring capabilities for all Orga signalling solutions.

Removing the need for a complex analogue control panel, glove-friendly cutting-edge multi-touch capacitive touchscreen technology provides a fast and intuitive interface for users. Critical information can be rapidly viewed, accurately analysed and then immediately actioned from one central location for the safe and efficient control of operations.

Innovation vital
While safety will always be an industry priority, amid the “lower-for-longer” oil price environment, pursuing and implementing efficiency is now more important than ever for offshore oil and gas companies.

To see how innovative signalling technology is driving cost and operational efficiency through standardised, safe and smart solutions, visit Orga on booth 2341–J.