Launching its new digital offshore aids to navigation system now live at OTC 2014 in Houston, Orga Offshore is pleased to announce that its next-generation offshore platform marking and warning system is now available.

Following the US’s acceptance of the IECEx directive, Orga’s innovative, robust and cost-effective digital navaid solution will improve safety of life at sea and protect the valuable assets of the US’s demanding offshore oil and gas industry.

Available for certified IECEx and ATEX (Zone 1) and non-certified use, Orga’s cutting-edge marine navigational aid system boasts a user-friendly touchscreen Navaids Central Control Panel (NCCP) at its core with full alarm, history and remote status monitoring capabilities. Currently supplied with an RS-485 Modbus interface for digital communications, the system will support TCP/IP and web browser functions in the near future.

The touchscreen user interface enables full system interaction to control and monitor all navigational aid equipment supplied by Orga, including foghorns and marine radar beacons (RACON) in conjunction with visibility meters and photocells for automatic on/off control of the equipment during night-time or poor visibility.

Modules can also be added to the NCCP to integrate Orga’s innovative Circle-H helideck touchdown, positioning and marking lighting system as well as its latest aviation obstruction light system.

Orga’s NCCP smart state-of-the-art modular design allows easy set up and maintenance, reducing capital costs and total costs of ownership when used with Orga’s precision engineered, IALA and local authority-compliant, L410-range of LED energy efficient marine lanterns.

Marko Nieuwenhuize, Product Group Manager for Marine Aids to Navigation at Orga Offshore said: “Orga takes pride in its reputation for high quality, reliable and durable products and in its expertise in regulatory requirements for harsh offshore hazardous areas. We are excited to be adding our digital marine navigational aid system to our product portfolio available for the US offshore market.” 


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