On the 6th to 8th September 2011 The SPE Offshore Europe (OE 2011) will take place in Aberdeen, Scotland. Orga Offshore will attend this exhibition with their UK distributor Wellhead Electrical Supplies and present the new Orga Helideck Status Light System, new Circle-H Helideck Lighting System, and New Digital Navaid Central Control Panel (NCCP).

Operators of offshore oil & gas platforms require marking systems, namely aids to navigation, helideck and obstruction lighting packages that are certified for installation in harsh environmental and gas hazardous areas, but are proven to function reliably with minimum power requirements and maintenance.

Orga is known worldwide for industry leading Aids to Navigation and offshore aeronautical lighting products. We not only provide marine lanterns, perimeter lights, foghorns, visibility meters and windsocks; but also provide a complete solution and work with customers to develop systems adapted to their requirements and other project stakeholders. Orga have a detailed knowledge of national and international standards, regulations and recommendations including IALA, ICAO, ATEX, CAP437 and Norwegian standards allowing us to deliver a complete package and ensuring safe operations with state of the art equipment.

L425EX LED Helideck Status Light System
Orga is proud to present our new L425EX at OE 2011, a new LED helideck status (wave-off) light system to meet the demanding requirements of CAP437 and the harsh environmental conditions such lights are exposed to when installed on offshore platforms.

This visual warning system is installed if a condition exists on an installation which may be hazardous for the helicopter or its occupants. It is a red flashing light (or lights), visible to the pilot from any direction of approach. The system will be automatically initiated on activation of the platforms fire and gas alarm system as well as being capable of manual activation.

The L425EX’s design uses state-of-the-art LED technology and the latest high-power LED lights and is certified for a wide temperature range, -40 to + 55°C, making it suitable for installation world-wide. It is a low power high intensity light, and the low-profile design (<250 mm) makes the L425EX status light unique; the only CAP437-compliant status light that can be mounted directly on the helideck.

Circle-H Lighting System

A new requirement for offshore helideck lighting is the touchdown/positioning marking and heliport identification (Circle-H) Lighting System. This is designed to tackle the three current problem areas on helidecks:

  • The performance of most helideck floodlighting systems in illuminating the central landing areas is inadequate, leading to a lack of visual cueing and the so-called ‘black hole’ effect;
  • Helideck floodlighting systems are frequently a source of glare and loss of pilots’ night vision on the deck;
  • Helideck floodlighting reduces the pilots’ ability to distinguish the helideck perimeter lighting during the approach.

The new generation lighting system addresses the above problems by illuminating the touchdown/positioning marking circle and Heliport identification marking (H). This is achieved by LED strips which are mounted on the deck and powered and controlled from a central control panel. The new system fully compliance with the latest CAP437 requirements and has been proven to provide helicopters with a safer landing area.

Digital Navaid Central Control Panel (NCCP)
Orga is pleased to offer a new range of Aids to Navigation control panels. Designed from a micro-processor back-ground but still based on the advantageous centralised inverter controlled system, our state of the art modular NCCP system revolutionises the control and monitoring function of these systems. It eliminates the need to design complex control panels allowing all functions to be centrally controlled and to tie in flawlessly with the major control configuration of our clients. The design also has the additional benefit of offering low maintenance requirements and makes the system incredible reliable.

Orga Offshore and their UK distributor Wellhead Electrical Supplies, who have represented Orga for more than 10 years, are keen to show this equipment at our stand so please join us for a viewing (OE 2011 – Stand No. 3A211 – Orga Offshore).

For more information, please contact
For Europe: Marko Nieuwenhuize, Regional Sales Manager, Orga Offshore

T +31 10 208 5566
E m.nieuwenhuize@orga.nl or visit www.orga-offshore.nl

For UK: Greg Rastall, Wellhead Electrical Supplies

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