Orga has launched a new state-of-the-art obstruction lighting system to meet the growing demand for simple, reliable and long-term red medium intensity obstruction lighting solutions. wholesale NFL jerseys The L350-864-G medium intensity red flashing or steady burning obstruction light is a single unit system, making it easier and less expensive to install.

Because the automatic day-night controller, the flash character controller and the status monitoring unit are all built into the light, each light requires only one standard 110-230Vac power cable. And the new L-350 comes complete with an internal photocell for automatic day/night control.

Versatile and easy to use
The L350-864-G is perfect for all kinds of aviation hazards, such as wind turbines, communication towers, broadcast antennas, electricity transmission and distribution towers, chimneys, bridges, and tall buildings. And due to the advanced communication facilities in each light, they can be used either as single lights or in multiple light systems. What is more, the built-in synchronization facility does away with any need to synchronize the lights wholesale NFL jerseys separately.

Of course, the L350-864-G obstacle Orga light also complies with all US wheelchair Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) standards. Orga’s Merskal is so confident of it combination of proprietary optical technology and high performance LEDs, the new L-350 obstruction light come with a standard 5-year warranty. A powerful combination of top quality with long-term reliability.

Quick and easy to install
Orga’s next-generation L-350s do away with the need Secondaires for separate flash controllers, photocells or monitoring systems. This saves customers both time and installation material costs. Without any loss of loss of quality or reliability at all. Very high optical efficiency means lower power consumption, which means even more savings cheap NBA jerseys for customers. Dressing Quick and Easy to install and easier and less expensive to operate, the new L-350 lights cut installation costs and running costs, making them an ideal long term investment.

For more information, please contact
Matthieu Scheffers, Regional Sales Manager, Orga Aviation BV
T +31 10 208 5511