Orga’s new Circle-H LED helideck lighting system is the only certified helideck touchdown positioning and heliport identification marking lighting system that can be safely and reliably installed in Zone 1 and 2 hazardous areas. Designed to radically improve visibility for approaching pilots in all weather conditions, Orga’s Circle-H helideck safety lighting system has been developed in collaboration with the UK Civil Aviation Authority (UK CAA). Already proven to boost offshore helicopter safety, the UK CAA has incorporated the circle and ‘H’ helideck lighting configuration in its internationally acknowledged guidance on standards, CAP 437. Fully backed by Oil & Gas UK, the industry now has until March 2018 to retrofit the new lighting to all UK offshore helidecks. Fittingly, Prospector Offshore Drilling, owner and operator behind some of the newest and most technically advanced rigs in the world, has been first to step forward and install Orga’s innovative helideck lighting system on its cutting-edge cyber drilling rig PROSPECTOR 1. PROSPECTOR 1 represents the next generation of technology for the oil industry. Highly automated and controlled by a cyber-based drilling system, the rig has been built with a firm focus on improving safety and working conditions for its offshore crew. Integrating Orga’s state-of-the-art LED technology employed in the Circle-H offshore helideck safety lighting system maintains that focus. With the jackup rig moored in the Cromarty Firth prior to commencing operations for Total E&P UK Ltd in the Central North Sea, Calum Mitchell, Manager – Technical at Prospector Offshore Drilling, explained that aware of the new mandatory helideck lighting requirements set out in CAP 437, Prospector took the proactive approach to install the Circle-H lighting system on PROSPECTOR 1 prior to first operations. Mitchell said: “We are very happy with Orga’s Circle-H lighting solution, the equipment is of high quality and well designed. The professionalism and system knowledge shown prior to and throughout the installation work was of a very high standard. The CAA approved equipment combined with Wellhead Electrical Supplies installation method was the reason we chose the Orga system.” Representing Wellhead Electrical Supplies, Orga’s UK distributors and installers of Circle-H, Sales Director Greg Rastall said: “We have a product that is Atex/IECex certified for use in hazardous areas, a product with third party accreditation and a product with a painted module plate system for ease of installation and approved fixings methods. The system went down on the deck really successfully and the end result was exactly what we were looking for.” Daniel Powell, Product Group Manager at Orga said: “We already have a number of installations of Circle-H planned for 2014. We’re ready and able to undertake further installations of Circle-H on all platforms in the UK North Sea. Considering the 2018 deadline, operators and duty holders should take full advantage of the current position.” For more information, please contact Daniel Powell, Product Group Manager, Orga Offshore T +31 10 208 5566 E For more information, please also see