Orga Offshore has installed its innovative touchdown/positioning marking (TD/PM) circle and heliport identification marking LED lighting system – Circle-H – on offshore platform in the North Sea.

The Orga CAP437-compliant TD/PM Circle-H helideck lighting system was installed by Wood Group/PSN under the supervision of Orga Offshore and was completed 6 September 2014.

Providing expert advice, Orga worked closely with the Wood Group/PSN to install the safety lighting system on the platform’s aluminium helideck. This marks the 14th TD/PM Circle-H helideck lighting installation so far this year by Orga and the ninth commission on an aluminium helideck. Having intensively researched and developed the best mounting methods for both aluminium and steel helidecks – indeed, the first Circle-H installation in the world was fitted on a steel deck by Orga – Orga is well positioned to help all operators and rig owners meet the latest CAP437 requirements.

Following almost a decade of research and trialling, in collaboration with Orga, to improve offshore helideck lighting, the UK CAA recently incorporated the circle and H helideck lighting configuration in its internationally acknowledged guidance on standards, CAP 437 – effectively mandating the retrofit of the new lighting scheme to all helidecks in UK waters. Approximately half of all helidecks are to be equipped by 1 April 2016 and the remainder by 1 April 2018.

Supervising the installation on this offshore platform, Martin Terwisscha van Scheltinga, International Services Engineer at Orga said: “We worked closely with our customer and Wood Group/PSN to ensure the safe and correct installation of the Circle-H lighting system – this is crucial now that the lights have been integrated into the helideck landing surface.

“Throughout all Orga Circle-H installations this year, clients have been impressed with the simplicity of installation,” said Terwisscha van Scheltinga. “It is the clever design of our product with LED light-prepared module plates which enables easy installation and it is our approved different mounting methods for steel and aluminium decks which ensures the structural integrity, durability and water-tightness of the helideck.”

The new Orga touchdown/positioning marking Circle-H helideck lighting system features specially developed long life LED modules on panels which together form the full circle and H. The panels are semi-flexible and made of low-profile aluminium or stainless steel plates with a special anti-slip coating. The housing of the LEDs is made of offshore resistant and fully sealed marine plastic of high quality.


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