Orga has developed a new obstacle light based on LED technology. Recent technical improvements to white LEDs allow the development of a new white medium intensity obstacle light. Matthieu Scheffers, Sales Manager at Orga:

“Our knowledge of optics and LEDs has enabled us to develop a practical, cost effective solution for the white obstruction light market.” The new L450 light, fitted with a built-in flash synchroniser and with the flexibility to operate at reduced light intensities, is due for release soon.

LEDs and optics
Optical efficiency was an important focus during the development of the L450 obstacle light. Normally the light from a LED spreads in different directions. The secret is to use a good optic design to gather the light produced by the LEDs and to focus it in the required direction. Matthieu Scheffers: “We have used our broad knowledge of optics to ensure the efficient use of light to minimise the number of LEDs needed to produce the light beam profile required by the standards. This is what makes our obstacle light such an attractive proposition.”

Optimised solution
Furthermore, Orga’s new obstacle light is an “all in one” concept, fitted with a built-in power module, controller and synchroniser. The greatest advantage of this feature is that there is no need for a separate device for the operation and monitoring, and including the flash synchronisation of all the lights on wind turbines or meteo towers in the same, or even adjacent, wind farms. Another advantage is the ease of control of the light as the light intensity can be automatically adjusted according to weather conditions or to meet local regulations. “The new obstacle light will comply with all international requirements and/or recommendations. This flexibility feature means that any local regulations can be easily met with a the same product”, says Matthieu Scheffers.

With more than 35 years of experience in the development and production of obstacle lights, Orga delivers reliable and smart light solutions for wind turbines, telecommunication, radio and television broadcast masts, power transmission towers and tall buildings all over the world. Orga also has separate departments focusing on marking systems for oil and gas platforms, and for hazardous area ATEX certified explosion-proof solutions.

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