Orga Aviation offers a new obstruction light system controller – the CIP300 – for use with its L1000 high intensity and new LED L450 medium intensity obstruction light systems, including systems combining both types of light. The CIP300 provides full system operation management, advanced control facilities, status information, historic data and system diagnostics.

“The new CIP300 controller design has impressive features,” says Trevor Howes, General Business Manager for Orga Aviation BV. “The unit can control low, medium and high intensity lights, and includes a system status monitoring and alarm interface, an information display with comprehensive system diagnosis and an operational event history record. The controller also offers the option to manually override control of connected lights, and to automatically adjust the intensity of the lights in accordance with the ambient visibility conditions where such systems are approved for use. It has a simple cable connection for easy installation and requires no maintenance throughout its service life.”

The CIP300 can identify which types of obstruction lights are connected and self-configure for those lights, which is a useful feature compared to the capabilities of the original Orga CIP controllers which required manual configuration.

“The CIP300 does not replace the CIP100 controller for which we see a continuing market, and which we will continue to manufacture. The CIP300 has been primarily designed to replace the CIP200 controller, which has been in production for more than 10 years now, as a part of our continuing product development programme”, adds Mr. Howes.

Orga’s obstruction light systems, including the new CIP300 controllers, comply with the latest International Civil Aviation Organisation standards, as described in Annex 14, Volume 1, International Standards and Recommended Practices: Aerodrome Design and Operations, 4th Edition, July 2004, Chapter 6.3. The systems also meet the requirements of all the major national civil aviation authorities for medium-intensity obstruction lighting requirements, such as the United States Federal Aviation Administration AC 70/7460-1K for Obstruction Marking and Lighting, April 2000.

Orga Aviation’s team provides smart obstruction lighting systems for wind farms, telecommunication and broadcasting towers, electricity transmission pylons, chimneys, buildings, bridges and other high-rise structures. With more than 35 years’ experience in the design and manufacture of aviation lighting systems, Orga Aviation is expert in the requirements for obstruction lighting and provides complete solutions for its customers worldwide.

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