The Gemini Offshore wind farm, not visible from land and 85 kilometres off the northern coast of the Netherlands, is one of the largest offshore wind farms in the world – in terms of its physical size and its production. Designed to meet the most demanding applications in the harshest of environments, Orga’s Obstruction light system marks the 150 wind turbines in this area of the North Sea, which is well known for recording some of the highest and most constant wind speeds. The Gemini Offshore wind project can supply a total of 600 megawatts of renewable energy to 785,000 households.

Matthieu Scheffers, Business manager at Orga: “As a Dutch supplier of Obstruction light systems, we are proud to contribute to this spectacular Dutch wind turbine project. The continuous efforts of our in-house research and development department are keeping us at the forefront of emerging technologies. At Orga, innovation is more than just an objective; it’s a mindset.”

Building on 45 years of knowledge and expertise in aviation Obstruction lighting, Orga has been working on its LED light armatures for the past 10 years and this has already led to its third generation of advanced LED Obstruction lights, continues Scheffers. The company develops high-quality optics to optimise its LED aviation warning lights and thus give customers the competitive advantage they need in a niche market. The optical design produces a highly accurate and uniform narrow beam that has led to a highly cost-efficient product. “We are truly committed to show our customers the way ahead!”

In conclusion, Scheffers stresses that Orga works closely with its customers to continuously improve and expand its product offering. “Our up-to-date Obstruction light system meets our customers’ operational safety needs and complies with the most stringent of national and international regulations,” he assures. “And these wind turbines – made by Siemens, the world’s leading turbine supplier for Offshore wind projects – are an important factor in realising the energy ambitions and targets set out in the Dutch Energy Transition Agreement 2013-2023.”