All three types of Orga L450 medium intensity obstruction lights have been FAA certified to the latest Advisory Circular 150/5345-53F, Appendix 3 Addendum “Airport Lighting Equipment Certification Programme” including Engineering Brief 67D.

These L450 lights are designed to meet the latest challenges of aviation safety by providing optimal obstacle marking solutions for onshore and offshore wind turbines, telecommunication masts, broadcast towers, infrastructure projects, high rise buildings and petrochemical complexes.

The L450 lights are either red and/or white flashing, and red fixed, obstruction lights for reliable day and night marking of structures that may be hazardous to safe air traffic movement. The L450 series replaces Orga’s highly successful original L303 xenon and L350 LED obstruction light series of which more than 25,000 have been installed all over the world since their introduction.

Active and reliable obstacle lighting is essential for ensuring tall structures are visible to aircraft pilots in all weather conditions. “The new L450 product series combines the benefits of advanced LED, optical and system control technologies to meet the challenges of the most demanding applications and regulations,” says Trevor Howes, General Business Manager for Orga Aviation BV.

The L450 lights offer customers a complete stand-alone solution. The new product is a smart, simple, single-unit design with an integrated power supply, high-accuracy beam, stabilised light output, an integrated system-interface controller, advanced photocell control and an optional GPS module for automatic flash synchronisation between lights.

Customer benefits include simple cable connection for easy installation, no external controller or power supply unit, and a five-year warranty and minimal local visual impact. The high quality LED technology offers low power consumption, no maintenance over its service life and, hence, low cost of ownership.

Orga Aviation’s team provides smart obstruction lighting systems for wind farms, telecommunication and broadcasting towers, electricity transmission pylons, chimneys, buildings, bridges and other high-rise structures. With more than 35 years’ experience in the design and manufacture of aviation lighting systems, Orga Aviation is expert in the requirements for obstruction lighting and provides complete solutions for its customers worldwide.

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