Covid-19 still has a big effect on how business can be conducted. Activities that were just a routine practice in the past, like welcoming our clients to our facilities for a Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) are not possible anymore due to the travel restrictions. But, at Orga we think in opportunities and not in limitations! Normally, a Factory Acceptance Test is carried out in our facility in Schiedam, together with the client. Despite the current travelling restrictions, we made it possible that the client can still attend at this important test.

Together with Netflex. we’ve set up our new Remote-FAT that allows clients to supervise the testing and verification of the system from their own office. With 1 fixed camera and 2 mobile cameras installed in our test department, the client can inspect the complete system via different camera views and have audio contact with Orga’s Quality Control Engineer. With a single click, the Quality Control Engineer is able to switch cameras to get the requested view of the system the client requests. Next to that this solution saves a lot of travelling costs for the client.

The project group has carried out several tests in the past weeks confirming that the system works perfectly. The first official Remote-FAT with a client will take place in the week from 8-12 June!