The UK Civil Aviation Authority has made Circle-H helideck lighting mandatory in UK waters. Here are the top 10 questions you should ask any prospective helideck lighting supplier to ensure you get the safest and best Circle-H lighting system with safe and proper installation methods backed by a highly skilled experienced team.


  1. Is the system designed to meet the requirements of CAP 437? Does it have the  correct certification (hazardous area, photometric)?
  2. Is there a detailed and proven installation methodology available suitable for the deck type, and has this been independently verified (Lloyds, ABS)?
  3. What is the product design track record of the manufacturer? Do they provide reliable products and have good pre- and after-sales service support?
  4. Is the system robustly built for the offshore environment?
  5. What is the history of the manufacturer in relation to this system? Do they have a clear understanding and track record of the design requirements, both technically and from an installation point of view?
  6. What is the installation track record of the system? How long has the system been on the market, how many installations have taken place with different deck types and how many flights have landed on it?
  7. Does the design of the system allow for a flexible installation methodology to overcome issues concerning the condition of the deck and obstacles on the deck?
  8. Is the system designed to be fully maintained in the offshore environment?
  9. Is the installation methodology flexible to allow an operating helideck to remain in operation, and to allow medical emergency helicopters? The helideck should be open for the landing within 30 minutes at any stage of the installation process.
  10. Has the installation team/supervisor the required system installation experience to overcome any issue that can arise offshore?

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