Orga Offshore’s ongoing drive for excellence gives customers total confidence and peace of mind as UK Helideck Certification Agency approves Orga Circle-H LED touchdown, positioning and heliport identification marking system.

As part of Orga’s continuing commitment to increase both product and service quality by constantly assessing and improving its processes and procedures, the Helideck Certification Agency (HCA) has evaluated and approved the Orga Circle-H LED helideck lighting system.

Following a thorough evaluation process the HCA has confirmed that the Orga Circle-H lighting system fully meets specifications set out in Appendix C of CAP437 – the UK Civil Aviation Authority’s (UK CAA) internationally acknowledged guidance on standards for offshore helideck landing areas.

The HCA is responsible for the inspection and certification of all helidecks on offshore vessels and installations operating in UK and Norwegian waters and is authorised by the UK CAA.

Daniel Powell, Product Group Manager at Orga Offshore said: “The HCA has reviewed and approved our entire Circle-H lighting system against every single requirement set out in CAP437 Appendix C.”

Acknowledging that acquiring HCA approval is not a regulatory requirement Powell said: “Having developed and manufactured Circle-H in collaboration with the UK CAA and the HCA, Orga customers are assured that our Circle-H helideck lighting system is CAP437-compliant. However, the HCA’s letter of acceptance will guarantee peace of mind for our customers as they can now easily verify our product’s quality and safety. Orga has the highest standards of quality, safety and performance and we will continue to help simplify and streamline the decision-making process for our customers.”

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