Orga Offshore has designed a new helideck status (wave-off) light system – the L425EX – to meet the demanding requirements of CAP437 and the harsh environmental conditions such lights are exposed to when installed on offshore platforms.

“Orga Offshore has a thorough understanding of national and international standards, regulations and recommendations, including the UK Civil Aviation Authority’s CAP437 guidance for offshore helicopter landing decks,” says Daniel Powell, Business Development Manager, Orga Offshore. “The latest CAP437 requirements demand a status light signaling system visible for 360° around the offshore structure with a flash rate of 120 flashes per minute. The system needs to be fully automatic and controlled by a control panel that interfaces with the platform’s fire and gas detection system.”

“By combining our offshore expertise with our knowledge of explosion-proofing technologies, we have developed a helideck status light system that meets the recommendations and functions reliably with minimum energy and maintenance requirements. The L425EX is explosion proof and has been certified to meet the International IECEx standards and the European ATEX Directive.”

The L425EX’s design uses state-of-the-art LED technology and the latest high-power LED lights. It operates in temperatures from –40 to + 55°C and can be used in all environmental conditions worldwide. Stainless steel mounting facilities eradicate touch corrosion issues.

Another key feature is its state-of-the-art optical design, which results in very low power consumption; only 35W when active.

“The low-profile design (<250 mm) makes the L425EX status light unique,” adds Powell. “It is the only CAP437-compliant status light that can be mounted directly on the helideck. It means that brackets, which are difficult to install and expensive, are no longer needed.”

The product can also be monitored by the client’s systems. The separate control panel is easy to operate and maintain owing to its modular design.

Orga’s offshore team provides customized solutions for the offshore oil and gas industry, including marine lanterns, foghorns, visibility meters, radar response beacons, helicopter deck lighting and guidance systems, helicopter ground power units, remote health monitoring systems and solar power supply systems.

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