Orga is proud to present its new website, showing our updated brand identity! Our brand identity has evolved after remaining the same for over 45 years.

We set out to find an identity that would reflect our DNA and our company values for the coming decades. In designing the new, we stayed true to our roots. The updated brand identity was designed with the Orga DNA as the backbone. It is bold, referring to marking, signaling and safety. At the same time it is down to earth, reflecting our Dutch and technical nature.

During the design of the website, we focussed on customer approach. The new website is more clear, user-friendlier and focusses more on being of service to our customers. We hope it provides you everything you need to know to know about our knowledge and experience regarding our safety marking solutions within our areas of expertise.

The new website provides you more information about the complete systems we offer and shows you several reference projects that we are proud of. You will find that we are using a more personal approach regarding the contact page. We hope our new website provides you an insight into our organisation, our experience and most importantly, our solutions.

Take time to browse through our new website and learn about the interesting projects we have done through the years. We are curious to find out about your experiences on our new website!