The L430EX is Orga’s Helideck Monitoring System (HMS) Repeater Light specifically designed to indicate the helideck operational status. The HMS Repeater Light provides direct visual information from the helideck to the helicopter flight crew about the motion status of the helideck during landing and potential unsafe wind conditions after landing.

Orga Offshore – Datasheet Drawing – L430- r01-01
Orga Offshore – Datasheet Drawing – L430- r01-02
Orga Offshore – Datasheet Drawing – L430- r01-03
Key features

  • All motion and wind condition statuses in one lighting fixture
  • High intensity warning beacon
  • Low profile design (<150mm) allows direct mounting on helideck
  • Offshore resistant, high quality coating on cast light alloy base
  • Integrated photocell to control linear dimming in night & twilight mode (according to the regulatory requirements)
  • Failure monitoring
  • Low power consumption (light and system)
  • Advanced high-power LED and technology provides superior life and reliability
  • Modular lighting system
  • Minimum installation time
  • Easy (system) integration with other Orga helideck products (if applicable)
  • Modbus serial control and monitoring via single cable to control panel.


  • Certified to UK CAA CAP 437 9th edition – appendix J
  • Complies with HCA – Standard Helideck Monitoring System Rev 9c – paragraph 5.3
  • EN 60079-0, EN 60079-7, EN 60079-18
  • CML 22ATEX3281X; ATEX II 2 G Ex eb mb IIC T5 Gb
  • IEC 60079-0, IEC 60079-7, IEC 60079-18
  • IECEx CML 22.0032X; Ex eb mb IIC T5 Gb
Electrical characteristics

  • Operating voltage: 110-254 Vac
  • Peak power consumption: 35 W (total for 4 lights and control module approx. 150 W), depending on the helideck operational status
  • Connection details: M4; four M20x1.5 cable entries
  • Earth connection: M6 external earth connection

Physical characteristics

  • Dimensions (D x H): Ø 406 mm, height 143 mm
  • Weight: 11 kg
  • Design degree of protection: IP66
  • Operating temperature range: -25° to +55°C
Performance characteristics

  • Colour: Blue, Amber or Red depending on motion status and wind conditions
  • Characteristics: Steading burning or Flashing light (slow or fast) depending on motion status and wind conditions
  • Effective intensity: 400 cd in day mode according to the regulatory requirements
  • Horizontal beam coverage: 360˚
  • Vertical beam profile: between 5˚ and 15˚ according to regulatory requirements

System design, control and monitoring

  • Control and monitoring:
  • Hardwired I/O (as per regulatory requirements)
  • Modbus serial connection (preferred)
  • Control module and optional I/O module (see separate datasheet for details), can be integrated into the HMS providers’ control enclosure.
  • Cable routing: Power and communication cable(s) looped from control module to HMS lights. Cable available on request.