LED ancillary helideck floodlight to provide a source of illumination for on-deck operations such as refuelling and passenger handling. Designed in a low-profile housing (<150 mm) to allow direct mounting on the helideck. This LED helideck floodlight has an integrated junction box to support ease of installation and maintenance.

Orga Offshore – Datasheet Drawing – Flood light – HFL200EX-D – r00-02
Orga Offshore – Datasheet Drawing – Flood light – HFL200EX-D – r00-03
Orga Offshore – Datasheet Drawing – Flood light – HFL200EX-D – r00-01

    Key features

    • Reliable LED floodlight gives low cost of ownership
    • Low power consumption due to highly efficient LED lights source and lens system
    • Low profile design (<150 mm) allows direct mounting on helideck
    • Offshore resistant, high quality coating on cast light alloy base
    • Stainless steel mounting facilities to prevent corrosion problems, and integrated junction box
    • Wide beam spread for optimised and even helideck illumination


    • Complies with CAA-UK CAP 437 8th edition; Standards for Offshore Helicopter Landing Areas, chapter 4, paragraph 4.23 & 4.24

    Physical characteristics

    • Dimensions (L x W x H):
      250 x 280 x 145 mm (incl. mounting bracket
    • Weight: 7 kg
    • Design degree of protection: IP66
    • Operating temperature range:
      -25°C to +55°C

    Electrical characteristics

    • Operating voltage: see table
    • Power consumption: see table
    • Connection details: M4; one M20x1,5 cable gland entry
    • Earth connection: internal M4 and external M5

    Performance characteristics

    • Highly efficient LED light source and lens system
    • No glare
    • Aiming facilities provided