OrTalk Data-communication cable for Orga equipment with OrTalk communication connections. Offshore Grade Single Pair Fire Resistant, Low Smoke, Zero Halogen Signal Cable

Key features

  • Dedicated OrTalk cable for data communication within Orga OrTalk systems
  • Flame retardant, Low smoke, Zero halogen, Mudproof, Oil resistant, fire resistant


  • Certified to IEC 61034-2; Smoke density
  • In compliance with 60754-1 & 60754-2; Test on halogens
  • Certified to IEC 60332-1, IEC 60332-3-22 (Cat. A); Flame retardant
  • Certified to IEC 60331-2; Fire resistant
  • In compliance with NEK 606; Mud proof
  • In compliance with IEC 60811-504; Cold Resistance Bending Test (-60°C)

Electrical characteristics

  • Impedance fieldbus wires:
    140 Ohm @ 50-100KHz

Physical characteristics

  • Halogen free materials
  • Conductor size: stranded copper wire screened pair 1 x 2 x 0.5mm² + 0.5mm²
  • Conductor Insulation: ceramic silicone rubber
  • Conductor screen: static screen of aluminium laminated plastic foil combined with 0.5mm² tinned copper wire
  • Conductor colours: Yellow / Orange
  • Fillers Diameter: 2.7 mm
  • Inner sheath material: XL-LSZH SHF2 according to IEC 60092-360
  • Inner sheath Thickness:
    nominal value 1.3 mm
  • Braiding Material: galvanised steel wire
  • Braiding Thickness: 0.24 mm
  • Outer sheath Material: XL-LSZH SHF2 according to IEC 60092-360
  • Outer sheath Thickness: 1.3 mm
  • Bending radius (fixed installation): 132mm
  • Overall outer diameter:
    13.2 +/- 0.5mm
  • Weight: 213 g/m
  • Operating temperature range:
    -50°C to +85°C
  • Installation temperature range:
    -30°C to +85°C

System design, control and monitoring

  • Orga cable for use with Orga systems for optimum communication between parts of the system.
  • Maximum length of Orga OrTalk fieldbus: 1200m