Aeronautical obstruction light skid designed to mark the highest point of an offshore asset and provide an obstacle warning during helicopter manoeuvres. There is no need for an external power supply as the skid is fully self-contained and uses a solar power system to provide its power. The light switches automatically on and off during night and day.

    Key features

    • No additional maintenance requirements; suitable for locations with limited access (e.g. Jack-up rig legs)
    • Reliable low intensity LED aeronautical obstruction light
    • Low cost of ownership
    • Certified for Zone 1 and 2 areas with increased gas explosion hazard
    • Self-contained solar power supply
    • Smart PWM battery charging via solar regulator

    Electrical characteristics

    • Nominal system voltage: 12 Vdc
    • Power consumption: max. 8 W



    • Certified to CAP 437 9th Edition February 2023, Paragraph 4.32
    • Certified to CAP 168 12th Edition January 2022, Paragraph 4.101 and Table 6A.1 Item 12 (Group B)
    • IECEx and ATEX certificates for all relevant components available

    Performance characteristics

    • Steady burning; red
    • Intensity: 200 cd minimum (between 5° – 8°) and 50 cd minimum (between 0°-15°)
    • Horizontal coverage: 360°
    • Automatic light on-off control during night and day
    • Photovoltaic solar power supply system designed for most locations in the Middle East region
    • Maintenance free VRLA battery with dry fit technology, designed for solar applications
    Physical characteristics

    • Operating temperature range: -25°C to +50°C
    • Dimensions (lxwxh): 1300x800x830 mm
    • Weight approx. 190 kg

    System design, control and monitoring

    • DC powered self-contained stand-alone system. No external power supply needed.
    • Robust single lift hot dip galvanised steel skid, including lifting eyes.
    • All components are installed and interconnected with prewired with Halogen free, Mud resistant and Flame-retardant cabling.