Explosion proof marine lantern, designed to provide 10 nautical miles white omni-directional visual coverage for offshore structures.


Key features

  • Reliable marine navigation light, low cost of ownership and low power consumption
  • Suitable for Zone 1 and Zone 2 areas with gas explosion hazard
  • Internal flasher, photocell and synchronisation facility
  • Light weight, strong and corrosion free body
  • Anti bird spike (to prevent bird fouling)
  • Automatic Lamp changer with 6 lamps (1 in service, 5 in reserve) for 18,000 hours service interval, stops after last lamp used
  • Non metallic UV and humidity resistant base, including quick release clamps for easy maintenance
  • Injection moulded UV resistant lens

Performance characteristics

  • Flashing clear light, Morse code ‘U’ every 15 seconds by means of internal flasher
  • Alternative codes available; USCG quick flash (60 flashes per minute)
  • Effective intensity: 1,400cd minimum (equals 10NM at ATF=0.74)
  • Horizontal beam coverage: 360°
  • Vertical beam profile:
    2.5° minimum
  • 300mm diameter high efficiency clear ‘Fresnel’ lens


  • Complies with IALA regulation; O-139 The marking of man-made offshore structures – Dec. 2008, chapter 2.1.2 – Marine lantern
  • Complies with UK Department for Transport; Standard marking schedule for offshore installations – Dec. 1994, chapter 3.1 – Secondary marine lantern
  • Complies with Mining regulations of the Netherlands – Dec. 2002, Article 5.3 – Marine lantern
  • Complies with US Coast Guard; 33 C.F.R. Part 67 – Aids to navigation on artificial islands and fixed structures
  • Cenelec EN 50014, EN 50018, EN 50019, EN 50028 and EN 50281-1-1
  • KEMA 02ATEX2050; ATEX Ex ll 2G EEx edm llB T3

Electrical characteristics

  • Operating voltage: 20-36Vdc
  • Internal photocell for switching off/on during day/night time
  • Power consumption: 38W peak
  • Connection details:
    max. 4mm²; two M25x1.5 cable gland entries
  • Earth connection: internal max. 4mm²
  • Lamps: 12V/3.00A/CC8/EX

Physical characteristics

  • Dimensions (L x W x H):
    490 x 424 x 698mm
  • Weight: 12kg
  • Degree of protection: IP66
  • Operating temperature range:
    –40°C to +40°C