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Since being launched in 2013 over 100.000 safe landings
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Is your helideck lighting CAP437 compliant?

The UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) sets out guidance on standards of offshore helicopter landing areas in Civil Aviation Publication (CAP) 437.

To comply with these regulations your helideck lighting scheme must comprise of Perimeter Lights and lit Touchdown/Positioning Marking (TD/PM) Circle and lit Heliport Identification ‘H’ Marking (Circle-H) to provide effective visual cues for the pilot throughout the approach and landing manoeuvre at night and in poor visibility conditions.

A Helideck Status Light should also be installed to warn the pilot to stay clear of the landing area during conditions deemed hazardous for the helicopter, its occupants or others.

In addition, a windsock should be provided and located so as to indicate the free stream wind conditions at your installation. The windsock should be illuminated for night operations.

What you need to do before 31 March 2018

The UK CAA has made TD/PM Circle-H helideck lighting mandatory in UK waters. If you have not installed a CAP437 compliant Circle-H lighting scheme by 31 March 2018, your helideck will be limited to daylight flights only.

With a number of Circle-H helideck lighting systems currently available, selecting the wrong system may prove costly in terms of lives as well as money. To help simplify the decision-making process, here are 10 questions you should ask any prospective Circle-H helideck lighting supplier.

Top 10 questions

When vision matters most

Since being launched in 2013, pilots continue to report smoother and more controlled landings with the Orga TD/PM Circle-H helideck lighting system.

‘Approaching a platform at night is hazardous at the best of times. A helideck lit professionally by Orga gives me the visibility I need to ensure a safe landing.’

The robust and reliable LED lighting system eliminates the dangerous and disorienting ‘black-hole’ effect that previously challenged pilots, making every landing much more safer.

For more safer landings, call: +31 (0)10 208 5555

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Orga. The way ahead

Working in collaboration with the UK Civil Aviation Authority, Orga has been at the forefront of developing CAP437 industry regulations to radically improve visibility for helicopter pilots.

We installed the world’s first CAP437 TD/PM Circle-H system in 2012. Our in-house research and development is a key part of our success. We work closely with our customers to continually improve and expand our products and if you need training and onsite support services, we have engineers available to provide installation, commissioning and troubleshooting support.

Offering a complete modular system for smart offshore and onshore obstruction marking, aids to navigation and renewable remote power supply, Orga is your one-stop solution for your signalling needs.

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Our helideck lighting system is fully CAP437 and ICAO compliant and fully certified

To comply with UK CAA CAP437 Standards for Helicopter Landings contact Orga for our complete helideck lighting range – Perimeter lights, Illuminated windsock, TD/PM Circle-H Lighting system, and Helideck Status Light.

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